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Exhaust question...don't hate

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There are so many threads out there about exhaust and it pains me to start yet another...but I am having a difficult time finding and answer to what I'm looking for.

I am sure that since most on this forum are enthusiasts, you must be aware of what the Fiat Abarth is.
Now, that is what I am looking for w/r/t exhaust. I nice tone that does not intrude into the interior, ie No Drone.

I believe that Remus most likely fits that bill, but at over a grand, that is pretty rich for an ST.
Any thoughts? I REALLY like the sound of the Abarth, but this car is a family hauler (or will be when I pick it up on Thursday).


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i'm so confused.

1. You want an exhaust for your fiat.
2. You're buying an st and you want an exhaust for your st that sounds like the fiat.
3. You want to swap a fiat exhaust onto the st.
4. Fiat made an st and you want to buy an exhaust for it.

Which one is it?
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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