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Hey guys. I just had my ST washed and afterwards I loaded an updated tune. I gave the engine a few revs and the exhaust sounded funny. Almost like it was expelling some water, but from where the sound was coming from I could tell it was the resonator (muffler? The one closest to the rear of the car). I looked under the car and sure enough there was water residue on the resonator, a small puddle underneath it, and what looked like more water residue on the pipe leading from the res to the back of the car. I revved it several more times and still had the "vrrr" "vrrr" sound like there was a leak and water was coming out.

After a few more minutes the sound stopped and my exhaust sounded normal again. No more water appeared to be dripping. Could this just be something left over from the car wash or an actual leak? I did have a leak with this part of the exhaust before that I had a shop repair so I thought it was in the realm of possibility that there was a leak again.

Thoughts? Muffler Auto part Rust

Auto part Automotive exhaust Metal Muffler Steel

Vehicle Auto part Motor vehicle Car Automotive exhaust
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