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Emissions Readiness w/ Big Turbo

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I have been thing about going big turbo lately and have been wondering if anyone has had success passing emissions testing with a BT and a catted DP. I currently have a Cobb DP and defouler sitting around and I am waiting until next spring to put it on so I don't have to potentially change it out mid winter for inspection. I have done a bit of googling but nothing specific comes up. Any thoughts?
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The turbo has NOTHING to do with emissions. The downpipe would. A highflow catted unit is a good start, get that thing good and warm before testing to reach it's maximum efficiency. Basically do a bunch of WOT pulls before you get there on the highway. Drive like an angry right wing nut against the government, that has to go to a state inspection that day... ;) The defouler is extra insurance, and frankly not needed IMO. But cheap insurance nonetheless.

The tune has EVERYTHING (or at least 98%) of what you need. Your tuner has to make sure that the correct settings are made so that you're not constantly in a "not ready," state. You have to drive so many cycles of start stop, cruise, etc to get out of the not ready state. So don't go and reset your car or unflash it right before your inspection.

Otherwise, there is nothing special about this process. Now if you lived in CA.. This may be a different story. But then again, they don't test new cars.
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