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Emissions Readiness w/ Big Turbo

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I have been thing about going big turbo lately and have been wondering if anyone has had success passing emissions testing with a BT and a catted DP. I currently have a Cobb DP and defouler sitting around and I am waiting until next spring to put it on so I don't have to potentially change it out mid winter for inspection. I have done a bit of googling but nothing specific comes up. Any thoughts?
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All good info, and we are on the same page that the turbo has nothing to do with emissions. I guess to go a little more in depth however, I assumed that the greater exhaust airflow due to a larger turbo would make it more difficult to set some of our more sensitive monitors (catalyst and O2 sensors). What it sounds like though is that if I can get them to ready with my new downpipe I should not have a problem getting them to ready with a larger turbo as well?
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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