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Electric Power Steerinng Assist Failure After LSD Install

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I just finished up my MFactory installation and ACT clutch swap. Everything buttoned up just fine but when I started the car up I got a power steering failure message and I have no assist.

Now I figure that I know what the problem is. I'm pretty sure that with fighting with the axles to get them out and steering the car from the calipers I threw off the steering angle sensor and it's probably all out of whack. Does anyone know what goes into recalibrating this?
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I don't think that losing calibration would stop power steering completely, you would just not have speed compensated assist and the warning light.

But to answer your question, there is a steering sensor in the steering rack that is read by the ABS module. I do believe you need a Ford scan tool to set the calibration.

Before you go too far, I would check any and all connections just to make sure that here is nothing loose or not connected at all.
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