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Premium Fiesta race series will continue using EBC’s Apollo Big Brake Kits
EBC Brakes Racing is pleased to announce it will continue to supply the regulation braking systems for cars competing in the BRSCC AIRTEC Motorsport Fiesta Championship throughout the 2022 season (within the Mk7 Fiesta-based ‘ST240’ class).

In 2021, competitors were required to use EBC Brakes Racing’s bespoke four-piston Apollo caliper, fully-floating two-piece discs and RP-X™ track/race brake pads. The setup is similar for 2022, with the added option of using the all-new SR-11™ sintered racing brake pads if desired.
The news comes after the recent announcement that the firm would also be providing regulation braking components for the BRSCC’s upcoming BMW SuperCup Series.
Based around the acclaimed Mk7 Ford Fiesta ST, the BRSCC AIRTEC Motorsport Fiesta Championship offers affordable, close-knit racing at a number of prestigious British race circuits. There is also a more accessible Mk6 ST150-based class that races alongside the Mk7 class (the Mk6 cars are not required to use EBC’s big brake kits).

  • To learn more about EBC Brakes Racing’s Apollo Big Brake Kits, please click here.
  • For more information on EBC Brakes Racing’s all-new sintered race pads, please click here.
  • To find out more about the BRSCC AIRTEC Motorsport Fiesta Championship, please click here.
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