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E30 long term

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I have not been able to find a post about this, so here it goes.
Has anyone been running e30 long term? I know @LOLMS3 has been for 60k miles or so I think. Anyone else? Has anyone who has been running it had hpfp failures, injector failures or any other issues they believe was related to it?
I would like to run it for the foreseeable future. I know it is pushing higher HP/tq numbers but I feel like with the added octane, it would actually be a safer alternative to straight 93. I know mpg drops a bit while running it and around me it costs the same as premium 93 so it will cost more to run. I will be pro tuned on it as well and not running an ots map.
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Bringing it back from the dead, there should be more E30 cars now!
Like most product/service reviews, the loudest ones are where people have complaints or issues.

I havent seen any posts from people that have issues running e30. :) Running e40 here, no complaints
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