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Dual Action Pads

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Im in the "summer" mood and want to start restocking my cleaning arsenal for when Michigan stops having its bipolar weather. My dual action pads are basically shot, when I bought them I didn't the best care of them so its time for new ones. I currently have the Chemical Guys Hex Logic pads that came with my porter cable 7427. I have a backing plate that accommodates their 5.5" pads, so i would like to get some around the same size. I am also in the market for smaller diameter pads as well. Any help would be great, I have no major ties to chemical guys so i am open to trying out new pads.


Link to kit that i have:
Chemical Guys - Porter Cable 7424XP Complete Detailing Kit (13 Items)
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I use griots garage 5.5" BOSS pads on my GG6 with great results. Can't help much with smaller pads, but am researching a 3" polisher now.
I really like the Rupes foam pads. It really depends what you want to do. I have heard great things about the Meguiars microfiber cutting and finishing pads. That is next on my list to try. The Rupes pads work great, but from what I hear, microfiber is easier to manage residue.
I used Lake Country flat pads for my GG6 & Rupes 15 Mark 2 and now use Lake Country ThinPro pads. I haven't had any issues or complaints with either.
I saw autogeek is having a 25% off with free shipping this weekend. With that said, I have used lake country pads, chemical guys pads, and a few others and only ever really had one or two pads go bad on me. I tried some microfiber ones and found that they were more maintenance intensive than foam. Just get a few different styles and see what you like best.
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