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Driving Posture

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Anyone else have an issue when adjusting your seat for auto crossing or any track days? I just can't seem to find the proper position. Even driving on the streets I am constantly adjusting my seat - can't get comfortable

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Here is how I have mine:

- Seat is adjusted first so I'm sitting basically straight up. At an event I lean it back just a bit so my helmet is just off the head rest.
- The seat is all the way down, no tilt.
- The seat position is adjusted so that when I have the brake and clutch pressed all the way in, the underside of my leg is just off the seat.
- The steering wheel is adjusted so that when I put my hand on the top of the wheel, the meaty part of my hand between my thumb and wrist rest on the steering wheel. This is also done with setting the height so that it is up just high enough plus a bit more so that I can keep my hands on the wheel for as far around as I can take the wheel without having to take my hands off of it and not have them hit my leg.
- A bit of tweaking is done to ensure the proper "feel" of the seat with being able to actually drive the car.

My girlfriend joked about how my seat is and thought it was awkward, but when I told her that the only difference is when I put my helmet on the seat gets leaned back a bit, and I'm comfortable and explained it to her it made sense. I have a bad back too so this helps out on long trips quite a bit.
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