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Are you looking hard enough?

Hoosier D.O.T Drag Radial (245/40-18) These are the newest version of their drag radial (DR2) - Browsing Store - P245/40R18 DR2

There was a Mickey Thompson ET Street R in the same size (a few members here have them) but it seems they have been discontinued by M/T. You might find stock left at Jeg's or Summit Racing.

While on the subject of Drag Radials, they are usually more expensive than slicks and wheel hop is possible and likely if not launched correctly + running too much air in them.

They take a learning process to launch right, where slicks because they are bias-ply are more forgiving. That said one of JST's customers ran [email protected] in his Stage 3 Focus ST with a very good 1.79 60' time (at the end of the video). However he is using 16" wheels and M/T drag radials.

16" wheels can't be used on '15 and newer ST you would have to downside your brakes.

Your best bet is buying a cheap ($100 or so a wheel) 17 x 9 alum wheel and get M/T or M&H Drag Radials which have better traction than Nitto's but don't last as long when driven on the street.

M&H makes a 245/45-17 and so does M/T. But as I said if you have to go down to 17" wheels consider investing in slicks. JST has run 1.68 on the same slicks I have. My best 60' is 1.76 (13.46 Tune only).
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