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Downpipe O2 sensors

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So Got my CFM downpipe... Super excited to get it on... I had to wait nearly 5 days until I could get it in the shop to do it... We get the old one out, and the o2 sensor closest to the turbo strips out completely.. which I understand is a commonality to these downpipes... Anyone have any advice here other than "buy a new one"? Obviously... but they're freaking expensive... Now I can't drive my car until tomorrow when we get a new o2 sensor. Hopefully we can get one tomorrow... Anyway.. Thanks for.. for building a downpipe with the o2 sensor 6 inches from the turbo... Anyone else experience the same issue? Driving a '15 with 19k miles...
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Thanks for your reply... Did you get a Ford one? OR aftermarket? What was the cost you had involved for just the 02 sensor?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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