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Hey all,

Real short mod list fyi: Cobb Accessport Stage 1 91 octane, cpe rmm, cobb CAI & filter

Recently driving my ST fairly hard, going through the gears on the freeway. Upon exiting, I could tell my car was down on power. The turbo was spooling, but a huge "hissing" noise was present. I assumed a boost leak. After some small attempts to locate the issue, I decided to take it into my local dealer. They informed me that the CAC was disconnected and resolved the problem at no cost to me. As I have been driving this evening, I've noticed that I am generating less boost than before in certain gears. The numbers I am getting through my accessport are certainly different than before. My AFR used to be really consistent between 14.55-14-86, even on WOT I didn't notice the AFR drop too drastically. Now I'ts bouncing more and I've gone as low as 12's after a pull and letting off throttle. The most clear issue I am seeing is my estimated torque has dropped quite a bit, as I'm struggling to break 200lbs ft/tq, even before this recent issue I could only push it to about 217-218.

Wondering if the dealership my have altered something. I've tried re-flashing, with no change in performance and I know that it is not in 'economy mode".

Hope my description is helpful, I'm not that knowledgeable mechanic-wise (as I'm sure you can tell), but would greatly appreciate any ideas or input.

Thanks- Ryan
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