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Door Panel Scratch Repair?

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Just recently I took a spirited turn and had a metal object in my back seat shoot across and scuff the rear right door panel along with the window switch bezel. The bezel isn't a big deal since its a twenty bucks brand new on eBay so I went ahead and ordered that. That's also pretty fortunate considering it took brunt of the hit. As for the remaining damage it's just a couple scratches but enough to annoy me. So is there any way to smooth out/ fill the scratches and then repaint it? I know scratchwizard had a kit and a couple videos detailing the process but they done offer it anymore. l'm just looking for some insight before I tackle this.
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Plastics repair is tricky. Especially if you aren't experienced. If you feel brave, I say have at it. Just be 100% ready to replace the entire thing if you mess it up though.
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