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Door Panel Scratch Repair?

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Just recently I took a spirited turn and had a metal object in my back seat shoot across and scuff the rear right door panel along with the window switch bezel. The bezel isn't a big deal since its a twenty bucks brand new on eBay so I went ahead and ordered that. That's also pretty fortunate considering it took brunt of the hit. As for the remaining damage it's just a couple scratches but enough to annoy me. So is there any way to smooth out/ fill the scratches and then repaint it? I know scratchwizard had a kit and a couple videos detailing the process but they done offer it anymore. l'm just looking for some insight before I tackle this.
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I'll get ya'll some pictures by the end of the day and it's the plastic on the door panel that's scratched up a bit.
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It's right below the window switch bezel you can see a slight scuff. Would I be able to carefully use a heat gun to fix it?
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barely noticeable ... give a few weeks and you will barely notice it.
Yeah I know its not terribly noticeable just enough to annoy me. Plus scuffs and scratches eventually add up so I'm trying to tackle it now. I'm just trying to get some ideas from someone that may have some experience in repairing plastic panels.
Thanks for all the input guys its starting to sound like its more trouble than its worth. One of these days when I'm bored I'll order touch up paint and attempt it on an inconspicuous area and see how it turns out.
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