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Yes, exhausts from all model years fit the 15+. It just uses 3 exhaust hangers instead of 4. However the mount is still there and an extra hanger can be purchased.
I also have a 2016 and the exhaust is on its way.
Just to make sure I understood this correctly:
2013+ exhausts will fit 2013-2016. The exhaust comes with 4 hanger bars
2013-2014 have 4 mounting spots with 4 rubber hanger things there
2015-2016 have 4 mounting spots as well but only 3 have the factory rubber hanger things.

Does that sum it up?

Do 2015+ need to purchase the extra hanger or think can get by with using only 3? (if I understood everything right)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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