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I live in south Florida, and we've had some cooler days lately. I've noticed a little extra pep with the cooler temps and it got me started on an idea that would be useful when temps go back up. So I've pieced together a system on paper and wanted to get some feed back from experienced tuners/builders.

I'd use this 12v 100psi pump pulling fluid out of the windshield washer tank. This kills two birds with one stone, a water/alcohol source and the use of the stock low windshield washer fluid sensor.

The pressure switch would be a Balkamp 701-1575 Pressure Switch, which is adjustable. I'd probably set it somewhere between 5-10 psi. It's normally open, so when boost hits your setting the circuit closes and would turn the pump on.

Since the purpose of what I'm trying to accomplish is simply reducing CAT, the possible octane boost is just a bonus and doesn't need to be tuned for. So I chose a smaller nozzle size that would be able to support 250-300hp on its own. It's rated for a bout [email protected]. I'd use this to connect the nozzle to the hose. This would be drilled and tapped into the intake tube.

There would be odds and ends to pick up like wire, fuses, and tubing obviously. Checking online prices I could get the parts to my door for $50 to $75. Like I mentioned, it's purpose would be to reduce charge air temps mainly. Could this also help with keeping valves clean, or would it all be vaporized in the turbo?

I know the weak link here is the pump, but if it fails it won't blow my motor since I'm not relying on it for fuel/octane. Let's hear some feedback.
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