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Diode Dynamics: NEW STAGE SERIES: Rally-Qualified LED Light Bars

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Diode Dynamics: NEW! Stage Series Light Bars

Introducing STAGE SERIES LED lighting! Inspired by the needs of a professional rally driver, these light bars have been designed for maximum functionality, with compact size, cutting-edge TIR optics, and a useful beam pattern, all in a highly durable package.

-Advanced TIR (total internal reflection) optic
-Slim design, for easy mounting
-Available in driving or wide beam patterns

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After sanding the back of my grill I was able to mount mine (a 20 inch bar) directly to the crash bar there are some holes that are already in the crash bar and make for some pretty good mounting locations. I think the two holes in the bar that I used would also be perfect for you to use two pods, I believe they would put you directly on each side of the license plate. I don't think I lose much light shining through the grill. It makes for a very concealed and subtle set up it also doesn't block any air to the radiator, ford racing intake, or intercooler. Here in Oklahoma we don't need to have front license plates so for me it was the perfect set up. I also have the Diode Dynamics LED fog lights they were a huge improvement over stock and way more socially acceptable than running around with the 20 inch lightbar on!
This sounds awesome!
Yep! That just about exactly what I had in mind! Hella's and everything!

That is one good looking car, sir!
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Do you have any plans to develop a blackout LED light bar at all? I'd really like to have something like this behind the grill of my ST, but I'd prefer it be more or less invisible until I turn it on.
1 - 3 of 56 Posts
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