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Difference in charge air temps

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I recently upgraded to a CPE fmic and mbrp charge pipes. On the access port I was reading temps of about 10 degrees over air temperature outside. Fairly consistent. A few days ago I put in the catless downpipe and loaded a flash tune from stratified. Now I'm reading temps right at air temperature outside or slightly lower, any reason for the change? Is this weird?
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Is this at idle? If so the PID for CAT is screwed up for '15s so Stratified came up with there own, which tends to run below ambient on most cars, where as the original PID runs above ambient.

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This is correct. The stock tune and even cobb tune readings were always about 10 degrees high. Stratified corrected this and depending on condionts, ambient temp, moving slow, shooting down the freeway, etc. You will see temps at, sometimes below, and sometimes a little above ambient.
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