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Diagnosing no sound, front right woofer, with Sony Sound system

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Short version: RF woofer out, trying to figure out if I have an amp problem or audio control module problem. Test tips?

Longer version:

Looking for some ideas figuring out why my right front woofer is now soundless. Its been "going in and out" for months, but since now its been out for a little while, time to figure out what is going on.

1. I took the door skin off and did the test where you connect a battery. touching where at the connector, no sound. Taking the speaker out and bypassing the "stuff" between the connector and the speaker yielded results. Conclusion is that the "stuff" is a filter eliminating the sound generated by the battery.

2. So then I was off to the amplifier. I have the wiring diagram and understand that the wht/org and wht/vio wires on the amp represent a signal coming into the amp in the middle connector and leaving the amp on the lower connector. I thought i could just play some music and apply a voltage test to the corresponding wires- and yes while everything is connected I am applying a DC voltage test trying to get the probes down far enough in the backside of the amps connectors to touch the metal endpoints. Unfortunately I don't get results I feel strongly about. Sometimes zero volts, sometimes very little voltage, but if I switch to a different speaker (say left front woofer) I get the same results on a speaker I know is functioning properly.

What ways should I be testing for this? I was thinking maybe I should try again with some test tones so I could get more consistent with source input, but figured I would poll the audience.

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Is just the woofer cutting in/out? or the tweeter too?
The fronts run a single source to both the tweeters and woofer, the 'filters' you saw are the crossover.
If the tweeter doesn't cut in/out, then the issue is with the wooferspeaker.
Good luck
See the dealer .
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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