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Considering a tune.

My background:
1) 1st new car. 2016-base model, presently 2 months old/4k miles. White-should give me a few more HP.
2) 1st warranty.
3) 1st tune (other than Dinan chip on an older BMW - subtle change, but better throttle control, smoother and a bit more power)
4) Had Mountune Clubsport installed.
5) Removed clutch spring assembly
6) Weighted shift knob
7) Will be getting RMM and intercooler upgrade
8) Run Chevron 91 octane

I want to hear people's experience with their tunes.
Isolated to the tune itself if possible. Pipes, bigger turbo etc... not factored in.

1) What tune did you get?
2) What changes did you get with tune from stock?
3) How long have you had it?
4) Any problems experienced?
5) Price?


PS if this has been covered in a previous thread, please give link.

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1) i went with the tuner i researched.

2) literally the same changes every single other ST owner has experienced. If you read one of the stickies, its there.

3) Since the beginning of ownership

4) No.

5) Depends on what tuner you go with, but they are basically all the same.

Honestly, if you just look through a few pages, you will find every single thing you need.

But since its Friday, Im going to link you to every single tuner we have available....because i'm such a nice guy.. But understand, a newborn shark can find the info you are looking for.

1) Sticky on the first page. Second thread:

2) On the First page of the performance section:

3) For the sake being fair to all tuners, though i would not recommend this company:

4) COBB COBB Tuning

5) DeadHook: Dead Hook Motorsports


7) Freektune (my vote): FreekTune

8) Panda: Panda Motor Works

9) Stratified (my second choice after Freek): Stratified Automotive Controls

10) Mountune: Mountune Performance Ford Focus & Fiesta Aftermarket Parts

11) Unleashed: Unleashed Tuning

12) Vivid Racing: Vivid Racing

There may be others, but these are the ones to research. They can answer any questions you have.

Next time, click around a little before posting.

EDIT: We have a section for your kind by the way:


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I don't mind giving you my personal experience with this.

First I was tuned with Unleashed using an SCT x3. Here are my thoughts:

1) What tune did you get? Unleashed Stage 1 Aggressive 93 Octane
2) What changes did you get with tune from stock? Better throttle response, launch control, more power, more torque
3) How long have you had it? I had it for about 7 months
4) Any problems experienced? Lots of wastegate flutter, and one morning I popped a code and the car went into limp mode
5) Price? Bought it used for $140

Since then I upgraded to a Cobb Accessport v2 with a Cobb OTS Tune:

1) What tune did you get? Cobb OTS Stage 1 93 Octane
2) What changes did you get with tune from stock? Flat Foot Shifting, Launch Control, a more linear power curve compared to unleashed
3) How long have you had it? 2 months
4) Any problems experienced? When I first got it FFS was not working and neither was launch control, causing my to slip the clutch realy bad a couple of times
5) Price? Paid $130 for it used

The list that @LOLMS3 provided is great, here is another to look for, they just recently started tuning our cars and I am pretty close with someone who does R&D for them locally:

Rebel Devil Customs: Rebel Devil Customs - Recent Work Blog

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Yes, I am aware of these threads and some of the tuners. But the pure volume of pages and tuners is daunting. Freedom from choice maybe?

Thought it would be fun for people to share their bad ass tunes and experiences with it (all in one thread).
And I get to learn in the process since I never had a serious tune.
Apologies if I clogged up the forum with another noob million time asked question :D

Thanks for the links. I have some reading to do!

Thanks y'all for sharing!

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Running a Stratified OTS tune on my Accessport V3, stage 2 93 octane. Bought the car in January and have been tuned since Feb with zero issues. Buy your AP3 from a tuner like Stratified rather than Cobb and they will give you their OTS tune and tuner for $500, or for a bit more you can get them to do a custom tune (I will do that once I go stage 3). The tune immediately opens up throttle response, boost kicks in strong and early and holds on a little longer. Still run out of power by 5500 rpm so no reason to shift any higher than that on stock turbo. This is by far the best mod I have on my ST, no regrets at all with my decision. Can't wait to go to a custom tune.

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1) What tune did you get?. Had Mountune stg1, then cobb stg1, then stratified stg2 OTS with e30 and 93 tunes
2) What changes did you get with tune from stock? more power with all 3 tunes. cobb was the most boring to drive with. stratified the most fun
3) How long have you had it? APv3 for the past two years.
4) Any problems experienced? nope
5) Price? standard APv3 price from mountune. then paid the money to go stratified. i love e30

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When I had my ST I went with the SCT X4 and Unleashed tuning. Most tuners are using the Cobb accessport, I even just ordered one for my WRX, but my decision was based on the tuner not the device. [email protected] is an excellent tuner and customer service is second to none. He will respond to your emails almost any time of day, even the occasional midnight question that pops into your head will likely get a response. You also got free unlimited revisions for any new bolt ons/E85 up to but not including going big turbo.
Changes noticed from stock to tuned; TORQUE MAN! It was a little torque monster and you felt it right away. The car ran great. I never had any problems and I had it for 2yrs.
Don't recall the exact price, it's on his site but I believe it was cheaper than the accessports and included his tunes
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