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So on my way home tonight I turned the defrost on to clear my window but guess what. It made it worse. Had it on for 25 min no change. Got home and checked the a/c compressor found the clutch was not engaging. Turned the a/c on and still nothing.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had the same issue. And I could tell because when you turn the defrost/a.c. on the rims drop then come back up. This didn't happen so that when I knew to check.

I live in western NC and it been in the mid/low teens to single digits past 2 weeks. But it has also worked fine until tonight. 2017 with 11,xxx miles only mods are turboback, shutter grille delete, bov, symposer delete, and K&N air filter. I'm afraid to take it in to the dealership for voided warranty issues due to these things.

Just wanted to ask here first before I dive into diag this weekend

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