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Now that we can log many more items at once on the Cobb AP, please use this list to get started with. It is common for me to ask you to change the list, but initially this is what I want you to use unless I say otherwise. Make sure you have the latest firmware on your AP. Thanks! :cool:

Accelerator Pedal Postion % - Accelerator pedal position (this is direct pedal input before translations).

Actual AFRs - Wideband front oxygen sensor reading converted from Lambda to AFR.

Airflow Mass lbs/min - The calculated airflow through the engine and is used for almost all flow based tables.

Boost Pressure - Manifold pressure (relative). This is MAP minus Barometric pressure.

Charge Air Temp - Post intercooler temperature as read before the throttle body.

Coolant Temp - Engine coolant temperature as measured post radiator.

Engine RPM - Current engine speed.

ETC Angle Actual - Electronic throttle control actual angle.

FRP Actual - Fuel rail pressure actual. This is the high pressure pump.

Grill Shutter Command - Commanded grill shutter duty cycle.

Ign Correction Cyl1 - Ignition timing correction applied to Cylinder 1.

Ign Correction Cyl2 - Ignition timing correction applied to Cylinder 2.

Ign Correction Cyl3 - Ignition timing correction applied to Cylinder 3.

Ign Correction Cyl4 - Ignition timing correction applied to Cylinder 4.

Ign Timing Cy1 - Ignition timing after all compensations for Cylinder 1.

Load Actual - Engine load actual after all compensations.

LTFT - Long term fuel trim.

Manifold Absolute Pressure - Manifold absolute pressure. This is post-throttle.

Octane Adjust Ratio Learned - Octane adjust ratio learned. -1.0 is HIGH Octane, 1.0 is LOW octane.

STFT - Short term fuel trim.

Vehicle Speed - Vehicle speed when moving.

WGDC Actual % - Final wastegate duty cycle after compensations.

WGDC Y-Factor - The measure of a fraction of exhaust flow for reference when tuning WG tables.

If you have removed the Active Grill Shutters please remove Grill Shutter Command from the list.

For live monitoring, I would only use items that are already on your data logging list. Otherwise, you will use too much memory and the logging may not record correctly.


1. Please incorporate the name of the program you created each log from into the name of the data log.

2. Start your data logs at least 10 seconds before you need to be recording; it takes a bit to initiate.

3. Unless otherwise stated, please start with a 4th gear WOT data log. Please have your foot to the floor at 1,800 RPMs and no earlier please. Go up as high in the RPMs as you're comfortable with. This should be a fairly short log with one instance of WOT to get this process started. Keep in mind speeding on public roads is illegal and you assume the risks if you decide to do so. Visiting a dyno is one way to keep everything legal.

4. All logs should be done with the ESC fully disabled/off (hold ESC button for approx. 5 seconds) unless I indicate otherwise. Initially, logs should be kept to 1-2 logs per file; please don't send 10 logs for one file.

5. DO NOT do your WOT data logs in 5th or 6th gear. The speeds generated in 5th and 6th gear are far too high to keep things safe. Also, you don't want to be bogging the car down at low RPMs in 5th or 6th gear. And in a related note, you should not drive in 5th or 6th gear at low RPMs (less than 2k) and then punch it and/or go WOT. Doing so is not good for the engine and is not advised. If you are cruising in 5th or 6th gear at low RPMs it would be wise to accelerate lightly and gradually apply more throttle or simply shift into a lower gear if you really need to get moving quickly.

This How-To dyno thread will help you with questions about how to do runs, even on the street:

We sell our Cobb AP ECU flashers WITH our Mountune bespoke calibrations that are created based on your mods, octane, and preferences:

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