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We're happy to announce that we're coming out with a PCV plate soon. Along with a whole mess of OCC and dual OCC options on top of what we already offer for the ST. We have our kits pretty simplified in stages, at the moment, and we do plan on keeping it that way. However, if you're looking for something a bit more custom to alleviate crankcase pressure, this PCV plate will offer you many more options.

Key features:

-Main thing with our PCV plate is that it can use an OEM PCV valve. We designed the PCV valve port to the exact dimensions of the OEM PCV box, allowing for a perfect fitment of the factory PCV valve and o-ring. The main reason to use a PCV valve is to meter the amount of air pulled from the crankcase under vacuum, keeping it as a sustained level, especially under WOT to closed throttle transitions and engine braking, where manifold vacuum is at its highest.
-OEM Gasket, you can reuse yours, or opt to have one included
-Two 3/8" NPT ports for fittings, plugs, checkvalves
-Anodized with engraved DM logo

Price is TBA, but it won't break the bank. And there will be options, to add a PCV valve or use the one you have, plugs, fittings, gaskets, checkvalves, whatevs.

I'm going to be working on a full blog/forum post on different PCV and OCC configurations, and updating the ones I have, so keep an eye out for that.


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