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For Cancer Awareness Month... PINK decals!!!

Pink decals are at the link below. For every pink decal sold we will match the price you purchase 100% and donate the proceeds to Stand up 2 Cancer.
Damond Motorsports 6" Decal | Damond Motorsports

But wait, there's more!
Buy a pink Damond Motorsports decal, and post up a picture, and we'll donated even more.
Post a photo of our pink decal on your car, we'll donate $20!
Post a photo of our pink decal on something that's not a car (toolbox, fridge, whatever) we'll donate $10.
This is all on top of the $10 we'll be donating for each sticker purchased! Your $5 decal and a picture can mean we donate $30!

Why SU2C as the charity? We like their mission. They are not messing around, they're out to kill cancer. With Stand up 2 Cancer, 100% of donations from the public support collaborative cancer research programs.

If you wish to donate to Stand up 2 Cancer, please visit: link
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