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What muffler is it that you put in place of the factory resonator? It still has cats, right?

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I still have the OEM downpipe, yes. It's a magnaflow muffler, theres also a vibrant race style muffler after the first 90* bend. I had it laying around my shop, so i threw it on there.

I think you should have brought the end out more. I think your going to heat up that one tire more quickly than the others. This can affect your traction.
If air from the end on an exhaust system that is 5" away from a constantly rotating tire that rotates hundreds of times a second while creating heat friction from the road surface at top speed heats up said tire, then the laws physics are broken and my tires are made of gum haha...on second thought, the tire being warmed up makes about as much sense as my previous sentence hahaha
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