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Custom Phone Holder from @design

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A few weeks ago member @Design on here showed a phone holder he designed and printed for his phone. I sent him a PM and had him make me up a black one, sort of forgot about it with Christmas coming and it showed up today. I am going to post a ton of photos but for reference I have a Motorola Pure which most the pics are of, there are two of an iphone 6. If you give him your phone dimensions he will make the part that holds the phone custom sized.
As you will see the holder uses the cup holder, so that could be a negative for some, but as I drive alone I only really need one cup holder, and you can always just put it on the ground if you have a guest. It can sit halfway in the cup holder so your phone is a bit higher, or it can sit all the way at the bottom of the cup holder. From my limited time playing around I think the middle height is better because you can see your notifications and what not without any hassle, the angle might be harder if you put it all the way to the bottom. Anyways, here are some pics. I think its a great place if you don't want a holder on the dash and your phone doesn't fit in the tray below the sync 3.
Black Material property Fashion accessory

Mobile phone accessories Gadget Mobile phone Electronic device Technology

Multimedia Gadget Technology Electronics Electronic device

-iphone seated low Vehicle Car Gadget Technology Electronic device

-iphone seated mid level Gadget Electronics Vehicle Car Technology

-he does different colors, I chose black. You can't really tell it's there with no phone Personal luxury car Automotive exterior Car Vehicle door Vehicle
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E even better if you can get a charger to hook up while it's still sitting there
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