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Hey all,

Here is a video I recorded with my 2013 RR Focus ST while running some back roads where I live. There are a few spots where you can hear (and feel, if you were there) the additional vibes from all three mounts. The worst vibes often occur when lift off of acceleration happens around 2.5-3K rpms. It is more pronounced with AC (though, no AC is on in this video). I don't really mind the lower rpm vibes that are less than 1.25K, but it's that nagging 2.5-3K rpm that is annoying, especially when your on the freeway cruising and you lift off acceleration.

For all the "bad vibes" though, the mounts do chew bubblegum and kick ass. The car is definitely more planted around corners and power gets put down more efficiently. It's also easier to rev match by ear as you can hear that transmission a lot better... and every thunk/clunk to confirm you made your shift, haha.

Mounts are: Lower mount CP-e stage 2 and top left and right are JBR 70 durometer.


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