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Cool sighting in Phila.

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After pulling out of my block last night, I checked the rear view, and saw a Focus ST in TS. This was mildly interesting, because I rarely see ST Fords here in downtown Philly. (The WRX and GTI seem more common.) I drove through the next intersection, and the ST turned -- only to reveal a blue Focus RS next in line! I drove with it for a few blocks. It's the first I've seen, and it looked seriously badass. I wasn't sure about the black wheels from photos, but they look great on the road. I have my doubts how well its suspension would fare on our battered streets, but damn it was cool.
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I saw my first RS the other day in traffic. I've gotten used to spring spotting other FoSTs and flashing my lights at them (never been acknowledged in return), so I flashed my lights before I realized it was an RS, not an ST. It was beautiful!

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