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Continental SureContact RX A/S

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Anyone have experience with the Continental SureContact RX All Seasons. Curious how they may compare to the Continental Extreme Contact DW or the Michellin Pilot AS 3s. Y speed rated and 50k they are exclusive to NTB, but they are having a sale buy 2 get 2 free @ 134.99 each it seems like a smoking deal to me. Note: you have to purchase their Value Package which includes an alignment, road hazzard, install etc. Cost is about 575.00 out the door. Still a good deal.
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Looks like the RX A/S a rebranded version of another tire Continental makes, probably the DWS or DWS-06, just for NTB. They do this with some retailers, at least in part so they don't have to price match, since they are the only ones that get that tire. Ran across something similar when buying tires for my wife's Fusion a few years ago at Discount Tire. They had their version of the DWS (made/branded by Conti for them) and it seemed to perform as well as the DWS I had on another car. You can try and find out from NTB what other Conti it is comparable to, although you may have to take what they say with a grain of salt.
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