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Hey Guys,

so I'm looking to start my own ST / RS shop for USA + CANADA. I have started 2 facebook groups supporting both , but before I contact distributers , I have to first have a following on social media to let them know I mean business is what some big names want to see. I plan on opening these shops and web-stores and having the lowest prices in Canada and USA with price matching. its just a matter of time, But first I need that following to start. SO , I'm looking to the ST / RS Community for help in gaining some new followers !

So if you got some time id like you to visit and request to join my page , we talk about our cars a lot, post pictures, discuss parts and try to diagnose issues when presented with Ford mechanics on that page so you get some professional advice. if you'd like to help me out, all I need you to do is Join my Facebook Group.



I'm a Very humble guy and as a thank-you for joining my page and helping me out big , one day when I really do complete my dream of starting my own ST / RS webstore, ill do my best to post Coupon codes on the Group pages :D if you choose to join make sure you say hello, and drop a pic of your ride! Thanks for the help :D

- Vince


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