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Possible Causes:
• Aftermarket EVAP hardware that does not conform to the required specifications
• Small holes or cuts in the fuel vapor hoses or tubes
• EVAP canister vent valve stays partially open on closed command
• Damaged, missing or loosely installed fuel filler cap (if equipped)
• Capless fuel tank filler pipe damaged or not sealed correctly (if equipped)
• Loose fuel vapor hose or tube connections to the EVAP system components
• EVAP system component seals leaking at or near the EVAP purge valve, fuel tank
pressure (FTP) sensor, EVAP canister vent valve, fuel vapor control valve tube assembly
or fuel vapor vent valve assembly

Diagnostic Aids:

Check for a missing fuel filler cap or the integrity of the cap (if equipped).
Verify the capless fuel tank filler pipe is sealed correctly (if equipped). Install and remove the
supplemental fueling adapter five times in the capless fuel tank filler pipe to clear debris on
the seal. Refer to the Owner Literature for the location of the supplemental fueling adapter in
the vehicle. Check for loose or damaged vapor hoses. Visually inspect the EVAP canister
inlet port, EVAP anister vent valve filter, and canister vent hose assembly for contamination
or debris

More Advanced Root Cause Investigation:
Using an advanced scan tool, perform an EVAP leak test Verify operation of the EVAP purge solenoid / valve Perform a smoke test to see where the leak is

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I feel bad for resurrecting an old thread, but I just had this code pop up and cannot find anything in the owners manual about cleaning the supplemental fueling adapter. anyone have any suggestions on where to find info. also searched on here but didn't find much.
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