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Starting to save my pennies for an upgrade purchase for the holiday season / tax time. Im stuck between 2 different choices.
Mountune mp275 for $2000
  • mountune Induction kit
  • mountune Upgrade High Flow Intercooler
  • mountune mTune handset
  • mountune performance badge
  • Optional painted on mountune logo can be applied with included stencil

COBB B3 package for $1430
  • COBB Accessport V3
  • mountune Low Restriction Intake
  • mountune Black Intercooler Upgrade
  • mountune Roll Restrictor
  • mountune Custom Calibration

I currently already have a v3 so I would end up selling it for the mTune handset or sell the extra v3. Since they both the Intercooler, and Intake; to me it seems as if the COBB B3 package is the better deal because it comes with a RMM and a "custom calibration" and is close to $500 cheaper. Aside form warranties am I missing something that would make me want the mp275 over the B3 package?

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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