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Cobb vs. Borla

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I want to share my thoughts about these 2 exhaust, as I had both of them on my car over the past 4 months. This car is my daily driver, and I do over 1000 miles a month. I also have the Cobb catted downpipe installed with both exhausts as well.
First up the Borla.
Let me start by saying that if this was a 3" exhaust, I would still have it on my car. You can hear the turbo through the exhaust which is awesome and also it snaps and pops very nicely. It's a little loud when you get on it, but real quiet at cruising speeds. The quality of the exhaust is top notch stainless steel. The 4" tips fill the rear bumper nicely because of the rolled edges. The install for this exhaust was easy. You do have too lift up the rear of the car pretty high to fit the rear pipe over the axel.
Next is the Cobb.
Reason I decided to go with this exhaust was 1 for the 3" diameter pipe to support my big turbo build and also I wanted something a little quieter. Now the Cobb definitely has a deeper tone to it, and a less raspy sounding. The one thing that makes this exhaust a little annoying is the DRONE. The borla has almost no drone while this Cobb is always there, especially on the highway. The quality of this exhaust is also top notch stainless steel and has very nice welds. The install of this exhaust was fairly easy. You do have to take off the cross brace in the center of the car, but it is easy.
Since I had the Cobb 3" downpipe installed, with the 2.5" borla, when taking off the exhaust and gasket you can see a black mark around the gasket where the exhaust gasses were not escaping smoothly. With the Cobb 3" exhaust, I used the 3" gasket. The exhaust gasses can now escape smoothly.
Both of these exhausts are around the same price point. They also come packaged very nicely as well. The Cobb did come with the extra hanger, so you can use the 4th one on your car. I purchased the Cobb hangers and they keep the exhaust from moving around a lot. Definitely worth it as the stock hangers are softer.
If you have any more questions about any of these exhausts, please feel free to ask.
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