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Which one do you recommend?

  • Cobb

    Votes: 18 48.6%
  • CP-E

    Votes: 19 51.4%

Cobb or CP-E

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Which one do you RECOMMEND... I spelled that wrong:)
Ok here is my question.. I am ready to buy an exhaust for my St I can not decide between Cobb or CP-E. So I am taking a toll here. Money aside which one would you personally choose from. Now if you do not choose either of those and prefer another company/brand that is ok, just choose the one that comes second or third best.
I have listened to like a gazillion videos on youtube. I am sure that in person it sounds a lot different so I am hesitant about picking based on watching videos. Cobb seems to be the more popular, but is that because it is cheaper? The sounds on both sound really good to me and I like that cp-e has those extra pipes to help prevent ..resonating/drone?
Oh and again put cost aside and if you prefer another brand PLEASE still pick one out of my two. thanks!
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I have installed the COBB turbo back and I have heard it as well of course. Great sounds and AMAZING system.

Not going to say a good or bad word about CP-E because I have reference point, sorry I cant compare them.

I took this small clip just to show off how high quality and how nice the system was.

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Gorgeous! Very nice... the turbo back is with the DP correct? Is your car also tuned? I think I read somewhere that there is not really any point upgrading the DP unless you want to tune your car. I do not plan on doing any tuning so I should probably just stick with the exhaust. Thanks for the vid!
Yeah, it is full turbo back, which is down pipe and cat-back, all COBB.

This car is stage 3 tuned by Stratified. and even has the cracks and pops, sounds AMAZING!

You don't have to tune but it helps either way, this cat is much more free flowing and will produce less engine bay heat.

PS: I am the "club" mechanic so I get to work on lots of STs, I don't necessarily get to enjoy them. took me almost a month after installing this to even get a ride in it :( but I have since driven it, great car and lots of mods.
That's awesome. Maybe you could post a vid of those crack and pop sounds;)
If I can get access to the car... I haven't seen or talked to the owner in 3-4 weeks. I will hit him up and see what I can do, but I don't really have any kind of recording device. but let me see what I can do for you.
just installed the Cobb yeterday - a bit louder than youtube videos suggest... wife is driving it for the first time today, she initially cringed at the sound :(
it is race car exhaust that is for sure... most wives aren't going to like it. I know my wife doesn't care at all for my simple muffler delete.
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