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Huge car enthusiast here, owned plenty. Bought it last saturday (5 days ago) already has Green Filter and an Unleashed Tune from Torrie (which is ridiculously awesome.

Been a long time fan of fast hatches, and well handling cars in general. Current owner of a '12 Mustang GT, with tons of stuff done to it. Had a kid 1.5 years ago, just paid the Mustang off, and picked up the Focus ST as a secondary (third if you count the wife's GMC Acadia) and more "family-friendly" car.

I had a Mazdaspeed3 before the mustang, so i'm very familiar with torquey fwd cars, and this one just delivers out of the box. I picked up a '14 ST1, didnt need recaros, or MFT. I hate cloth, but i like the way these seats feel, just kinda ugly.

Anyway, just thought i'd introduce myself.

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