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is there a FAQ or guide regarding the diagnosis and repair/replacement of the Clutch Position Sensor?

I have a Cobb AP and was hitting a RPM limit of 5000, coincidentally the FFS limit on my Stratified tune. I added the clutch position variables to datalog and saw that it was reading as not at 0% when my foot was no where near the clutch. I moved the FFS RPM limit up and that confirmed that the clutch position sensor seems off.

I took the mat out and checked that the rug was not in the way.

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Yes indeed, I do. Does this mean I should get a heavier pull spring in place? Thanks!
had the same issue with my 2017 focus st and have it with my 2017 fiesta st. Had multiple tickets with cobb over the past 2 years and there has been no effort to solve the problem so I gave up. Ford changed something with the clutch sensor 2017+
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