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I'm searching for a fairly quick answer before the sale ends. I've been wanting to grab a downpipe and tune for a while now (Have stock exhaust but prefer the noises and deeper tone from a downpipe), and noticed that the CJ generic catted downpipe got great reviews regarding quality, fitment, and performance. I understand a tune is necessary to gain much from it. However, will these cars run rich without a tune for a few thousand miles? Honestly want to grab this now, and a tune in a few weeks after the holidays, once I get my intercooler installed and other goodies coming. Another question, does this require anything regarding O2 sensors to prevent a CEL?

I don't care about voiding my warranty, since the car is at 30k miles, and from what I've gathered the car will run better tuned then stock and not only from a performance aspect.

Side note, would you consider a downpipe, intercooler, RMM, and filter stage 2?

Thanks so much for any help!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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