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I have the cj pony parts dp. It is solid. No issues at all prob put 10-15k miles on it. You can always run the Cobb ots stage 3 map which I did before I got custom tuned.

*edit didn’t realize this was a old thread.
Lol, these things happen.

Also, little known fact, there are actually two different CJPP downpipes. Their first production run was very short lived due to issues with the shop making them. Then after a bit, they came out with their DP again, different design though, made from a different shop. I have one of the originals, and my buddy actually has a catted original from CJPP. Besides maybe one or two other people, never hear anything about the original downpipes.

The more you know... lmfao
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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