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Chris' TS ST3 Just Bolt Ons and Stuffs

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So I haven't been progressively making a thread since I got my car. With that being said - This is guaranteed to be a really big first post.

First off I did put this crap in my intro thread but I like to throw my car history out there. At the least it shows this isn't my first rodeo...

Up until last year I also had an 01 Miata Mx5 LS, 6 speed with LSD. It ran on Megasquirt and the DIY Autotune vvt tuner box, it rode on tein street advance coilovers, fm sways, and 15x9 tire rack wheels wrapped in hancock rs4s. I would be surprised if it put 110hp to the rear wheels. The license plate actually said FEG LOL
I had a boat load of other parts I bought for the project, but in the end I gave up on it and sold them all. I just didtn't have time to work on it and came to the conclusion I'm happy just having a bolted up turbo hatch as a DD.
Here's a few pics -

Before that I drove a Mazdaspeed 3 -

I had one of the Gen 1 cars early on in 2008. I was along for the ride with that community as bolt ons appeared, vendors came and went, and everyone figured that car out. I am close friends with someone that developed parts for the car (that are currently sold by CPE) and have had it apart from top to bottom more then enough times. I never went further then full bolt ons with my car, but installed and helped tune other cars with big turbos and 400hp +. I know too much useless info about the MZR it's PCV system, the K04, and direct injection. I was heavily involved with that community largely through I went to a number of meets and had a lot of fun the 4 years I drove that car. In the end I let it go because I owed less than what it was worth and I was tired of trying to make a project car out of my daily driver.
Here's a few pics of it -

And finally going way back to 05 06 ish I had an SVT Focus (or ST170) -
I loved this car even more then my speed 3 and regretted the day I had to let it go.
I dropped a fortune on this car and in the even never made any real power with it. I was one of the fortunate to have an 03 Euro Appearance Pack -
I had a built bottom end, the jackson racing sc kit and nitrous and never made better than 230 at the whees with this car. I had no idea what I was doing with tuning and unfortunately neither did anyone that I was in contact with at the time.

Here's a few pics of it -

This brings me to my current DD/whatever - My latest Forkus ST

I picked up and ST3 in February of 2014. TS really wasn't my first choice in color, but 24k for a fully loaded ST3 was a deal at the time. The car sat on the lot for a year, that's why I got such a good deal.

Snapped these shortly after I got her -

Pretty early on I had the desire to hear turbo noises again. So I picked up a Cobb intake and a Turbosmart 50/50 BOV

I really enjoyed the noises I could hear out of the intake, but the BOV was a bit loud for my tastes right off the bat. Over the next year or so I got used to it and kept it until recently.

At this point I came to realization that this car will not make any more power unless you tune for it along with your parts.
I picked up the APv3 and a cheap windshield mount. I quickly installed stage1 93 and loved it. Stage 1 is a big jump over stock for sure. Having seen/used Cobb's AP1/2 the 3 is a huge step up with it's screen/size and ability to display 6 parameters. Not to mention all the basic troubleshooting/code clearing etc this guy does. It's well worth the cost.

I drove the car just like this for about a year and really enjoyed it.
I picked up a few small mods during this time.
Grabbed the Cobb quick shift plate -

I also picked up the Steeda shift knob.

I knew exactly how much crap DI engines dump on their valves and how important it is to install an OCC. I had my Siako Mitchi OCC left over from my Speed3 so I decided to adapt it to work on the ST. The connection points, pcv plate, and lines on the speed are in the same places but the speed uses slightly bigger connections points.
First I mounted up the can under the ecu area. I really think this is the best spot since you are gonna need to drain the crap out of it every time you change the oil.

Then I heated up both ends of this line and pulled out the plastic fittings -

Once I had the connectors I was able to just use a couple smaller pieces of hose to wrap them and then just use my hose I already had for my OCC. I put some tight clamps on both and I've never had an issue out of them.

While I had my intake manifold off I took a good look at my valves. This is at around 15k folks -

I also figured since the manifold was off I'd get rid of the stupid symposer. Hate that thing!

Next I decided my car would look better with black wheels. Dip time -

Hover mode while they dried (before I had a real garage) -

Next I installed the GarageLine pedal spacer. I love this thing



What a difference.

Around this time Cobb released the maps that had FFS enabled - The combo of the shift plate, the pedal spacer, and my knob along with the FFS is fantastic! All those things work in harmony.

Next it was exhaust time.
I picked up the Cobb downpipe and the MBRP CBE at the same time.

Shortly after install I had some leaks (only from the CBE). The clamps that come with the MBRP CBE are pretty weak sauce.

I picked up these awesome clamps thanks to a forum member -

So much better

While I did the exhaust I also grabbed/installed the Cobb RMM and the Cobb exhaust hanger kit.

Pretty happy with mecaro at this point -

At this point I purchased the flash tune from [email protected] since I knew I was going to get a code from the downpipe and I couldn't install the Cobb OTS Stage 2 with no fmic - It was quite a bit better than the Cobb OTS maps and it had more of the awesome features enabled that Cobb can do now. The power delivery was much more linear with his map. Over all I have been very happy with my Stratified experience.

But enough is never enough...

So I picked up a nice Mountune FMIC Core -

And I grabbed the HKS exhale kit since I already had my HKS BOV left over from my speed 3.

Got the BOV on with my old snap ring - I hate snap rings

Then it was time for some disassmble -

While I had the grill off my 25k fairly new car I decided to go ahead and hack it up.

I only did the center section. I don't think the tools I used would be good for the sides.
I used a combo of 50 grit on a sander adapter kit for my angle grinder and 60 grit on my orbital sander.

Had to compare cores while they were out -

Painted the crash bar

Used gramp's tool box to support my core support while I installed the core and fiddled with the exhale pipe kit.

So the exhale kit combined with this core is a PITD to say the least.
This is the stock cold side tube - nice and pancaked for you -

And the exhale pipe in place -

Seriously the only way I could get this guy in there was to keep the core support loose while I shoved everything in and tightened it down.

Happy -

While I waited for Alex to make another flash tune for me I flashed up the Cobb Stage 3 OTS maps and went for a drive :)

Then earlier this week my new e85 map arrived :) It's pretty easy to compare this video to the FFS video from earlier to see the difference -

This is my latest VDyno - Maybe I'll get on a real one some time! MEH I'm happy!

Last but not least I decided flat black was getting boring (and peeling off) so I decided to switch up to black cherry plasti for my wheels.
Yeah yeah Haters Gon Hate

Like I mentioned before TS wasn't my first choice. The whole car may wind up flat black before the summer is over....

Thanks for reading.
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Beautiful car and great write up/mod list. I currently have the e85 tune from stratified which is ñamazing. Next on my list exhaust and intercooler.
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Nice write up. Good to see you're enjoying your ST.
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So I've had a lot of issues with the Cobb shift plate. Most of the time when the car is cool I can't get it into reverse without pushing hard and partially releasing the clutch repeatedly. Sometimes I can't get it into first at a light either.
So I decided to ditch the Cobb plate and go with the BreedT weight replacement. I'll be installing it tomorrow. I'm really impressed with all the options it has for throw reduction. I don't know if I would like the shifter moving forward, but its way easier to change on the fly vs the Cobb you have to take all the way off.

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Awesome setup! How does the plasti-dip on your wheels hold up against the heat of the brakes?
Awesome setup! How does the plasti-dip on your wheels hold up against the heat of the brakes?
Heat from brakes is not an issue. The only reason I needed to take it all off and dip a 2nd time was that I didn't do very good work the first time. If you do a great job on your first time it can last for years. My first time was solid for a year and that was just mediocre work. You also have to clean it correctly once its on, but over all plasti dip is some pretty amazing stuff.

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So I'm definitely much happier with the BreedT shift weight. The throws are easier and I'm not having to push so hard to get it into reverse or gear. It's quite a bit lighter than the stock piece and since it doesn't have the hanging down bits it's not in the way of my pcv lines for my OCC. You can see the nice distance I have from them in the pic. I chose the 40% reduction on stock location. It also just uses a normal bolt, so I don't have to pound out that stupid rolled pin if I want to take it off. Just a tip for anyone that does this install or any shift bracket/weight install - Just go ahead and jack up the car ahead of time and pull off the front of the belly pan, it's about a 90% chance you're going to drop the bolt/pin you're hammering in to get the rolled pin out. Also just use a skinny pair of vice grips to hold the bolt/pin your hammering so you can hit it as hard as possible. Over all glad I went with this.

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When you mean Stage 3 E85 you are running a 93/E85 blend yes?
Which HKS fin insert gave you the most horsepowers?

Which HKS fin insert gave you the most horsepowers?

I did switch from the silver fin to the purple one hoping for a better noise.

The package said it was special

It lied
Lately I had been thinking of recirculating my HKS back into my Cobb turbo inlet. But it's way too much work for the cool flutter HKS recirc noise.
Just for reference purposes, on the ST (w/k03) the HKS with no fin sounds exactly the same as the purple one. They are both barely audible out on the open road. The silver fin is the only one where you will hear something...

Also today I wasted a few hours of my life messing with high beam bulbs.
I've been scoping out the different ballast/conversion to d3s ideas on the forum and I was planning to do that eventually along with some nice LED highs. Well that plan fell apart today.
I'm sure it's been said before, but let me just say the design of the bulb - mount - and hole to access it is crap! The hole in the headlight housing doesn't even come close to lining up with the actual bulb. I'd love to watch a video of a Ford tech changing a high beam bulb.
I picked up these -

The heat syncs on the back are way too big to even come close to fitting in there.

I even dremeled off one of the posts to give a good try. No Go - what a waste....

It's really hard just to get the normal bulbs in and out of there, something like this is impossible.......
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Picked up a used set of 35w ballasts and 35w d3s bulbs and bulbs from @airforceixi in the used section.

I had been reading the conversion thread for some time and debating buying the ballasts from various over seas places. I also noticed the number of folks on there that would pick up ballasts and they wouldn't work in a pnp fashion. The ones I got didn't wind up being PNP but they were still pretty easy to get working. The stock ballast just use 2 wires for power and the new ones needed 12v, 12vacc, and ground. All I had to do was figure out which of the 2 was actually 12v then add this little wire to the 3rd (empty from stock) plug and splice it into the power wire. airforceixi was nice enough to set up an oem style connector with an inline crimper for me ahead of time so that made life easy.

Here's the 2 bulbs side by side you can see he also already notched the ds3 to fit into the stock housing.

After adding the power wire and testing to make sure it had 12v with the switch on I just swapped the guts from one ballast housing to the other.

Then I put the new ballasts back in and fired them up. Pretty easy to see the difference here -

Thanks for your help airforceixi and doing some of the work ahead of time.
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How many horse powers do you believe you gained from this mod?
How many horse powers do you believe you gained from this mod?
Would have been 3 if I had some sort of sticker from the company that made the bulbs but I bought it used

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10 watts per side.... 10 x 2 = 20
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So I had some more adventures in plasti dip today. I really feel like this is how the front end should have looked from stock.

Took a few tries but I learned how to edge this stuff.
I netted 0 whp from this mod...
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