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My first two cars were not excellent automobiles. 1997 Acura CL 3.0 was as quick as the glass transmission would allow, and the 2008 Saturn Astra shined in the corners while embarrassing itself in the straights. My goal with the ST is to keep things enjoyable, and only making improvements upon factory components where I think Ford may have slipped. I'm probably never going to lower the car (ride quality concerns), or upgrade the exhaust (a loud DD doesn't seem like my cup of tea). Driveability first, hoonability second. Such is the life of a DD owned by a risk-averse dude.

Shifter improvements completed! (01/27/2015)
Finally added the Redline Goods shift boot. For those of you trying to work through the order process, I went with Black Nappa Leather with white stitching. I selected the Stock boot pattern. Initial thoughts: It's some incredibly high-quality leather, and the stitching is solid as heck. Unfortunately, the super-thick, high quality leather makes it pretty tough to install. The trim pieces came out after a mild struggle, and the rest of the boot was removed quickly. The reinstallation was odd, as the leather was too thick to fit in the lockout knob, so you need to flip the boot and zip-tie them together. This is a bit disconcerting, since I feel like it might eventually fall off. If it does, I think I'll use rubberbands instead, since they'll provide a constant elastic pressure. Other than that, I used some leather adhesive to attach the boot to the trim ring (a bit challenging to line up), and snapped it all back together.

Modification experiment - Redux (01/18/2015)
I was ready to tackle the shifter again, after 7,000 more miles of rowboat-status. I did A LOT more research this time, and decided a complete arm replacement was the right plan. This narrowed it down to either the Mountune arm, or the Breedt arm. The combination between cost and flexibility made the Breedt arm shine, so I picked up their combo pack, which included the dual-engraved shift knob. Since I would be digging under the hood, I decided to pick up the Boomba Transmission Bracket Bushings as well. Finally, to continue the OEM+ trend, I ordered a nappa leather shift boot from Redline Goods, with white stitching to match the Recaros. They all went in without too much of a hassle, and the results are incredible. I'd take the Breedt arm at twice the price over the Cobb unit. I'll take more photos once the boot comes in.

Plastidip? (01/11/2015)
A very polarizing substance in the automotive world... Was it worth the risk? A subtle change made to the front-lower valance. This image was taken before it was touched up, but it gives a good idea of the result.

Dead pedal and floormats (12/25/2014)
My lovely fiancee bought me a dead pedal, and my parents heard enough of my complaining about the cheap stock floormats.

Ford assimilation complete (12/07/2014)
Resistance was futile, mom picks up an EcoBoost Explorer

First meetup! (11/15/2014)
The CFL group got together with a bunch of STs! I got to meet a bunch of you guys, and drool at some insanely well-built cars. I was able to sell some parts, funding my upcoming wedding in June 2015.

RokBlokz Mudflaps (11/08/2014)
I love rally cars, and I love rally styling. Beyond that, I visit my parents' farm often enough to get tired of the dirt roads' effect on my paint. Plus, the lift-off oversteer of this car makes it look like a rally-drifting machine anyway.

Brother buys a 2012 Titanium - Ford Assimilation nearly complete (10/11/2014)

Tint! (09/27/2014)
Florida is hot, and I didn't want to melt my face, or the Recaros. I went to Florida Custom Tinting in Oviedo, where I got the legal limit (30% in front, 15% in the rear) tint using Llumar CTX. Interior heat declined dramatically, and the darker windows provided a great contrast with the white paint.

First Modification Experiments (August 2014)
Pretty quickly, I realized that an Accessport is the most popular way of squeezing torque out of the motor. I listened to some intake videos, and was interested in waking up the turbo soundtrack. Finally, I got tired of the long shift lenghts, and researched short throw kits. I ended up with an AP3, a Green Filter, and a Cobb Short Throw Plate.

I installed them all within the week, and drove for ~1,000 miles before deciding each component wasn't for me. The AP3 was hilarious for 2nd and 3rd gear pulls, but it was eating tires, and the Blown Motor Resource Thread put the fear of God in my heart. The Green filter got a bit...too noisy. The Cobb unit was the biggest disappointment. While the shift length had improved, the bottom plate tended to scrape against the axis on which the shift arm sat, creating an annoying noise between 1-2 and 2-3. I sold all three parts at the CFL Meetup.

Here's the window sticker from Don Reid Ford (I paid $26,800)

Here's the Focus on the day I bought her (07/13/2014)

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I'll use this post to list my future plans. I'll keep it updated as my ideas and purchases progress.

Next mods:

  • Breedt's new BPV -> VTA Adapter
    • Looks like it could be an inexpensive answer to getting a BOV sound. I also appreciate how easily reversible it is if I decide I don't like it, since it doesn't require the BPV bracket to be modified. And yes, I recognize my hypocrisy, saying the Green filter was annoying, but a vroom-pssh wouldn't be... I just have to try it!
  • Boomba Shift Lever or FRPP Shifter
    • This is still up in the air, as I'm enjoying the new Breedt shift arm. I may eventually do one of these two mods. While it's all torn apart, I would install....
  • Boomba Shifter Base bushings
    • For an even more solid feel through the gears. Question: Do these increase any vibration through the shifter assembly? That might get annoying.
  • Vinyl Wrapped Parts
    • I'd like to see my Spoiler wrapped in a CF Vinyl eventually. Potentially the side-mirrors as well
  • Hood Struts
    • How were hood struts not standard on this vehicle???
  • Shark Fin Antenna
    • Ordered as a part of the big group buy. Can't wait to get it on!

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Fords for miles.

That Tiguan you saw in the back of one of the shots might get replaced by an Explorer soon, too.
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