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Just wanted to check in as I'm a new ST owner. Just picked the car up Saturday. Bought a 2016 ST with the 402A package (ST3), moonroof, machined wheels with the Eagle F1's. Interior is Carbon Black and I love the vehicle so far. Impressed with the refinement and carbon fiber appearance package, it was just icing on the cake for me.

Was going to order a WRX in the spring but couldn't pass up on a rebate and 0% financing. Had a very hard time finding a car in stock with the options I wanted. Ended up driving 3 hours to Nanuet, NY to purchase from a dealer my friend works for. Got the car with 90 miles and I'm almost to 500 already. Love it so far.

Just a few quick pics:

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Alloy wheel Hatchback

I was a bit apprehensive about the machined wheels as I didn't like the looks of them online in pictures but absolutely love them in person. I bought the car sight unseen and had never even sat in an ST or seen one up close in person. I must admit the car has been a blast so far.

I will, overtime, mod this one to make it quicker and more fun. The car is a DD so I want to retain the comfort level but still have fun.

Soon on the list will be:

-Winter wheels and tires
-Weathertech Floor mats
-Some kind of mudflaps. I think Rally Armor ones look stupid but I still want to protect the paint so I might buy them and cut them up a bit
-Tint all around. 20% back windows/hatch and 30% front
-Amber fog bulbs
-Symposer delete.
-BOV of sorts
-Exhaust (need to read more, don't want something that drones. After having an 02 big turbo Cummins with a 5" straight exhaust I want something that doesn't drone for a DD)
-I like the throws on the stock shifter but I wouldn't mind fiddling with it a bit
-Accessport eventually
-Possibly lowering springs are coil overs. I'd like to bring the front down a smidge. Handles so well already so I'll have to think long on that one. I've had a slammed/stanced vehicle and while it was fun that's not my intentions for this car.

That's all for now. We'll see where it snowballs. lol

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very nice!
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