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Hey guys,

I'm here to let you know that CFM Performance has created a great package deal with our brand new Rear Toe Adjusters, coupled with SPC Rear Upper Camber Arms. Kit can be purchased with/without rod end boots.

Check out the description below, then head on over to our site to grab yours!

Retail normally $369.90 grab yours today for only $349.95!

CFM Performance Rear Toe & Upper Camber Adjuster Kit

camber and toe arms.jpg

CFM Performance Rear Toe Adjusters

The factory rear control arms have an eccentric built in that gives some camber adjustment but allows no toe adjustment, limiting your alignment possibilities. CFM Performance adjusters replace the frontmost rear control arms and gives you the adjustability you need. CFM Performance adjustable toe adjusters utilize high quality QA1 rod ends to provide reliability and durability.

QA1 Rod End Features:

2-Piece - carbon steel - Teflon®/Kevlar® Self-lubricating race right & left hand threads.

• 52100 Bearing Steel.
• Heat Treated.
• Hard Chrome Plated.
• Precision Ground.

• Teflon®/Kevlar®
• Self-Lubricating
• Self-Sealing

• Carbon Steel.
• Protective Coated for Corrosion Resistance.

Exclusive Features
• Metal to Metal Support for Heavy Shock Loads.
• Increased Cross-Sectional Thickness for Greater Tensile Strength.

SPC Rear Upper Camber Arms (Pair)

These high strength forged rear arms are perfect for tuners or installers that need extended camber ranges on these popular platforms. Complete with OE style bushings installed for a factory type ride.

Rear Camber Adjustment: -1.5 degrees to +5.0 degrees

Installation Time: .5 hr/side

Required: 1 per wheel
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