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So I purchased my car from a dealership that I won't name right now. I need warranty work performed on the car & was told by the service rep I would definitely receive a loaner car since it was an all day thing. I was called back when the parts came in & the gentleman who scheduled my appointment said there was no way I'd get a loaner vehicle until I insisted that the rep said I definitely would. It ended with him saying he'd figure it out & have someone call me back. I was supposed to take the car in today so I called ahead to see what the status was on the whole deal, got the same guy on the phone & he flat out refused to give a loaner car and insisted I would pay for a rental if anything. I told him this was unacceptable since it was a manufacturing defect & nothing I had control over. I never had these issues with my former Toyota (those guys repaired a sensor for free out of warranty & gave me a loaner until the car was ready) nor has my wife had an issues with her Nissan that was kept in the shop for two weeks getting warranty work. I even blew a tire on a pot hole when I was out of town in my old Fusion & the dealership there gave me a loaner car free of charge. I ended up cancelling the appointment.

So... after my rant I'm looking for a good dealership in central Ohio that actually cares about customer service.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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