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Catless Power Drop?

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Hey guys a little bit of a story here, but I am trying to see if anyone else had a similar problem.

I started out with stock dp with resonator and muffler delete, using a stratified 93 flash tune. the car felt great had an awesome torque punch and all.

Then everything changed when the fire nation attacked. lols sorry, but really I ended up getting an MBRP catless turboback, so a full system. I ended up once again going with a stratified flash tune to update with my new components. Now I am not trying to flame Stratified, they provide great services.

After this new setup however I felt my car was lacking in the power department. Now I don't mean it wasn't hitting boost it was still powerful, but it just didn't feel like that punch it had was there anymore.

I ended up contacting stratified on this and they reviewed my data-log only to find nothing wrong with it. I was stumped and craving more power, So I decided to try another tuner for comparison. I ended up with an ethanol blend tune from Deadhook Motorsports after reading the crazy dyno numbers, We aren't done with the process yet as I am on my 3rd revision, not sure how many more we go through but still even with the e30 it doesn't feel as powerful as it was when I had my stock dp and exhaust.

So in the end I guess I am wondering if anyone has had similar problems when going catless, and again this is not ment to be a tune flame. I appreciate all stratified and dhm have done for me so far.
Thank you for the input!
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Probably doesn't feel as fast because it is louder now. I've been through that with multiple cars. The last car when I went catless it felt slower but made 13 more hp on the dyno.
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