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Hello Focus st owners want to introduce our Car Audio Shop we are located in Bloomington In are Vender name is "Shakespearience Car Audio" should be going live sometime tonight Land vehicle Car Automotive exterior Vehicle Motor vehicle
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Hood
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Yellow Automotive design
we carry most major brands of car audio and will be offering great discounts to all members and yes i do myself own a 2013 focus st will post some pics i personally have all JL Audio in my car and it sounds awesome have c3-650's in front and back doors with Hd900/5 amplifier ,JL 13tw5v2-4 subwoofer and clean sweep . Let me know what you all are interested in so we can start stocking the popular items i know the JL Stealth box will be item we stock for sure we already have few JL Audio, Sundown, Rockford and Kicker in stock most items not in stock only takes 2 business days to have on hand so let me know what you all are interested in and have a great day.
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