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CalebSt1's Build Thread... Roxxane. RRST1

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Hey guys I wanted to start a build thread here to share and to try to answer any questions that anyone has about my parts and any other questions. I want to try and share my experiences good and bad.

Now thats out of the way... My car was purchased in march 2014. Its a 2014 Race Red and I call her Roxxane or 'Roxy' for short. So the reason I waited so long was because 1 I didn't think that the mod bug would bite this deep and I've never experienced the fun self satisfaction of modifying a car lol. 2 I was just to lazy. SO now here I am going to try and get everyone up to date. Sorry If I don't have pictures of me installing things. But you can ask me and I can try to help and try and tell you how much of a pain something was.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Hatchback Automotive design

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Alloy wheel

Vehicle Car Parking lot Parking Road

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Automotive design

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Ford

Burning off the Stock F1s for some all seasons.
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Automotive tire

So yea I got this car with 5 miles on it back in march 2014 and I feel in love instantly... a few months go buy and after watching the CJ Poney parts 3 exhaust system video I knew that I wanted the Borla. So the day came were we had a massive 50 ST meet at CJs and they had some amazing deals on installs. I went ahead and got a Borla, Rally Armour mudflaps, and the MGP caliper covers. I will say that the Borla exhaust does take around 1500 miles to break in and fully open up. Then I purchased a Boomba BOV to have some cool turbo sounds and still have it on to this day. I will say that the install is very hard as its in a hard to reach location with the entire front suspension being in the way. multiple times I was banging on the black felt cover to knock screws down that I've dropped. I went on to the next Cjs meet and got the Cobb Plate set to 40%.... It took a little time to get used to but it really helped with the longer throws. Now not saying that I was complaining but I really didn't have anything to compare the stock one to so i took the plunge and I have never looked back. Next up I got the access port V3 and the Roush intake. The tune was amazing and truly transforming the car even though it was a OTS tune. I put my Roush on a few days later and the amazing turbo sounds almost like a baby supra.
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Sorry for the sideways pictures.... I do not understand why some are and some are not and how to fix them. Can someone please PM me on the step by step process to fix them?
Also I do want to point out that I will do my best to cover everything as well as I can that I've done to my car.
When we get to the present I will try by best with lots of pictures and much more details
So at this point I was thinking that I wasn't going to spend or put any more money into my car and boy was I wrong lol

I went ahead and picked this up.. And some Boomba wing risers.
Hand Revolver Finger Auto part

This bad boy is amazing at reducing wheel hop and when its broken in there are really no NVH. Now I did have a few problems getting this in which was my own fault because I wasn't using the right tools for the job.

So after a long car part buying break because of the nice snowy winter
I bought a Sound Symposer delete from Steeda. It took about 15-30 min to put on and though I kinda sometimes miss the noise I really don't because I have an intake.

So now I'm thinking... man I really would like to spice up the power so... I went out and bought these!!
Room Tire House

The Depo Racing Beast and 100 cell downpipe. Both the pipe and intercooler were packaged very well. I think the UPS man could have dropped them off of a 5 story building and they would be undamaged lol. I got those put on at the same time and it took a long time to get the old downpipe out and after stripping out a expensive O2 sensor I was on the road again.
Hello crappy lunchbox Stock intercooler
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive exterior Bumper

Hello massive 35LBS Beast intercooler
Vehicle Motor vehicle Bumper Car Automotive exterior

Everything done and put back together.
Land vehicle Motor vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive exterior

So I loaded up the Cobb Stage 3 OTS tune and started Roxy up for the first time.... Jizzing was done to a mass degree.
There is ALOT of turbo whistle and the Borla catback loved this downpipe. When I took a test drive down the back road I will never forget hearing this car at WOT for the first time with the downpipe. Just as I just had the catback there is no drone... But at WOT the sound levels are EXTREMELY loud. But the good thing is cruising and driving normally is still great and you can hear loud turbo sounds with the windows down. NO video I have taken can not capture how fantastic this combo is.
Auto part Fuel line Muffler Metal

Here is the pipe after around 5,000 miles. Still looks and sounds great.

So I stopped buying parts again but as everyone knows the mod bug stalks you and is always ready to bite.
@VelossaTech Had to release a really cool big mouth snorkel... So I got one of those and threw it one. Thing was really big and cool looking. But the most important thing was even though I have a open box intake it still let more air flow into the filter and helped keep everything cool.

So then I buy these really cool LED tail lights that are smoked.
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Bumper Hatchback

While this was going on I saw that TTR just had to have some black friday sales so I jumped on it.
Also went to Edge Auto sport and picked up a nice set of Boomba Intake +Throttle Body spacers.
Red T-shirt Auto part

Installing everything was very easy and the car was transformed into a race car. In a good way that is. Shifts are more crisp and I feel that I have more torque. The front end feels more planted in corners and the engine feels one with the car. Its a mod not for everyone but if you don't mind about 25% more NVH them GO FOR IT. Also I will say the NVH goes very nice with my exhaust as it helps balance the noise from the back. You get a very nice growl now form the front at WOT.

I cant forget the thing though that made the biggest difference... STRATIFIED TUNE! I have the latest strat OTS tune and that blows the Cobb tune out of the water. I love it! Its smoother, more power, more pull, More noise! Its really a great tune. The overall car drives closer to stock when going around town but then when you get on it... Its a dramatic difference and a good one compared to the Cobb OTS stage 3 tune.


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Here is the last blast of the past catch up and these are very small things.
The Redline gas struts are amazing and I bought them with about 5 other ST owners then we all did parking lot installs lol
Motor vehicle Vehicle Asphalt Car Parking lot

I also have gotten some Ford Gel Badges from a source. I don't want to say who just in case Ford is watching.

I got the boosted designs Dead peddle... I took the red part from a utz chip bag and tapped it on the back to give the ST part a red back drop.

I think I have gotten just about everything.

If you guys want to know about sunshine and the $10,700 dollar wreak here is a link.

If I can think of anything else I have forgotten then it will be added here. But for now Anything new will be posted like normal.
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You waited till your ST was wrecked to start a build thread? Lol.

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You waited till your ST was wrecked to start a build thread? Lol.

LOL of course I did. It was what it took to get me off my butt. They are saying March 22nd though so lets car pray and pray to the almighty dancing banana :banana: that the sun is not to bright at Todd's Auto body in Greencaslte and that maybe it can be done a day early. I want to get a little sub woofer Stratified Aux fueling and a hopefully sooner than later GTX2971R Turbo at some point... Also a lot of little nice touches.
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Nice to see you started a build thread. To bad it's after the wreck. Lol Thanks again Mr. Sunshine.
I so subd!
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Ok guys my tail light replacements came in today. I wanted to show you guys some pictures of them.

Hood Automotive exterior Auto part Glass

Auto part Bumper Automotive exterior

Obviously I still and I'm keeping the tape on until they are ready to be put on. Now the these and my old ones come with resistors and I'm guessing its to keep everything in check with the hyper blinking and any bulb out faults.
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Ok guys my tail light replacements came in today. I wanted to show you guys some pictures of them. <img src=""/> <img src=""/> <img src=""/> Obviously I still and I'm keeping the tape on until they are ready to be put on. Now the these and my old ones come with resistors and I'm guessing its to keep everything in check with the hyper blinking and any bulb out faults.
If you don't mind me asking where did you order the tai lights from? And best of luck to those guys fixing up your ST they better make it perfect
If you don't mind me asking where did you order the tai lights from? And best of luck to those guys fixing up your ST they better make it perfect
Well I don't normally can find them except when they pop back up on eBay. When I found them this was 1 of 2 left... So I would google search 2014 Focus ST rear tail lights. Then find the same style. You should be able to find the blacked out ones from a few sellers on there.
Hey Caleb, here is that link you asked me for earlier today. Good to see you out and hope you take that rental car back NOW!!!!! That thing looks crazy to drive. LOL

41 inches BMW M3 Style Trunk Lip Spoiler | eBay
Here is the thread for the Gurney Flap Lip Spoilers.
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Thank you! I will check it out! So a mini update on the car is one month so I'm guessing around April 12th is going to be the day. I get her on the road again. I can't wait!! And here is a picture I took from aroogas in Harrisburg from the ST meet.
Vehicle Recreation Snow Geological phenomenon
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So I talked to Todds auto body and they said they can have my car done on the week of the 12th of April or a week after. I will be going there tomorrow and will snap some photos to give everyone an update. On another note my anarchy motive shift knob should finally be shipping out soon... I ordered it the week of Christmas so I've been waiting patiently lol. Also looking to get the 6-pack diffuser thing from @VelossaTech

Hopefully we can do some more consistent and nicer updates when I get the car back but I will be posting the pictures tomorrow so be on the look out
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Ok guys just got back from the shop! The car is now mobile again. The suspension has come in and has been installed and is all pretty and shiny.
Tire Automotive tire Wheel Motor vehicle Vehicle

With the damaged quarter panel out of the way we can really see what happened... Not much damage in my eyes here!
Vehicle Auto part Car Automotive exterior Fender

I'm guessing that this will be all replaced with the pieces shown in black below

Motor vehicle Tire Automotive tire Green Auto part

Green Auto part Automotive exterior

Here is the two new pieces that are being replaced on the body. I didnt see a rear bumper or anything so that must be hiding somewhere else.
Vehicle Auto part Car

So here is a question for you guys. I dont have ant E85 around me... Is AUX fueling still an option with the 93 octane fuel? Or should I go water meth?
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Ok guys went back today and about crapped my pants!!! NO FRAME DAMAGE!!!!!!!!!!!! But I had butterflies in my stomach when I saw this. They had to cut everything out to put the new in.

Here any way here are some great sideways pictures. I think I know what to do to fix them... Its the way that I'm holding the phone so I will remember next time. I promise lol
Vehicle Auto part Car Automotive window part

Vehicle Auto part Machine Car Engine

So yea everything is on schedule so far so this is as gutted as it will get. They will be welding the new stuff on next week. I cant wait to get my car back!
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Mod update so I received a 15% off from Boomba to use today So I did! I got the transmission bushings and the license plate washers both in the red! I also am debating on getting some bright ass hell LED reverse lights to stick inside the Smoked tail lights I have so I can see the curb and others can see me when I'm reversing. And... Thanks to @Freedom Fighter for getting me some yellow HID fog lights and hopefully If I get my car back on the week of the 12th I will go down to his house and we will shave the grill and install some cool things. Also I hope @VelossaTech can rush that 6-pack diffuser kit thing to the web store because I am throwing my moneys right at him and hes just not taking it... Or the sun is in his eyes. I hope to update this thread much more regularly when I do have the car back!
More sideways pictures incoming! They have the under skin welded in place and the quarter panel is being put on now! They are now saying the week of the 18th though SO hopefully no missing parts or something dumb that will delay it even further.
I'm trying to get my sideways picture epidemic solved... So here's my most likely fail to that.
Motor vehicle Vehicle Auto part Engine Car

Motor vehicle Auto part Vehicle Automotive exterior Car

Its looking like a focus again!

Ok I will try to hold the phone the other way next time to see if that solves it! I will even put a reminder in my phone!
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I see progress!!! :smile:
Looks like your ST is coming back together nicely. Don't freak-out about the body work. Some people think with body damage the car is "no good" or "it'll never be the same" and "it's ruined" I had 4 years of training and 4 years as an apprentice before becoming a journeyman auto body tech. working in a dealer body shop for 25 years. Remember, a vehicle starts out as a bunch of parts. When repaired correctly it's the same as when they rolled down the assembly line.

Good luck with the future build, Mark
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@Mark's ST those words couldn't be more true.

Also your "The Blown Serpent" sounds awesome! I love me a Terminator! One of the top 5 Stangs of all time!
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