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Buying from UK

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Has anyone bought parts from UK and requested VAT be removed? As far as I believe, VAT fee is not payable on items being purchased outside of the UK.

For those unaware, VAT is 20% tax on sale of goods which is usually included on the price.

I had requested VAT be removed from triple r composites for some splitters and was told this was possible. I then chased up multiple times and haven't heard back.

Would love to hear from anyone that has had VAT removed. Thanks!
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When I bought my Euro Spec cup holders from Ford parts in the UK I did not have to pay VAT because the shipping address was to the US. But I specifically commented that these were being shipped to the US and to not charge VAT.

They should never have charged you VAT in the first place, but attempting to get a refund is even more onerous. In fact the UK website specifically says you can't get a refund on mail order or online orders ( So if the retailer charged you VAT, good luck on getting it back.

Best to make sure on your sales order that VAT is not included on the sales order or you can kiss that 20 percent good bye.
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