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Okay so here it goes. Hopefully I can get this to the point and get to the pictures. I work on International Trucks for a living.

But lots of times I get put on special projects, interesting things and all around cool stuff.

I like to share what I do when I have some free time. Because I snap tons of pictures as I go and lots of times it's nice to give a bunch of other gear heads a little glimpse of some stuff they might not get to see otherwise. Also feel free to show off some interesting things you guys see in here too.

Anyways here goes. I work in a small International dealership I'm one of 8 techs, and we don't say no to anything.

Right now I'm working on a "Prison Bus" it's not really a prison bus. But looks like it. lol.

(Insert picture here)
It's powered by a 6.7L Cummins ISB
Had a check engine light on and some regen issues. So after some diagnosing (looking around the engine bay) found the inlet boot on the turbo was loose. So the engine sucked lots of unfiltered air, dirt, dust, small children and whatever else through and dusted the cylinders and broke some rings. Causing excess blowby and the rest is history.

Old engine in the bus

Got the old engine out and put it next to the new long block

Swapped all the components according to the email I got from the guy at Cummins that we ordered the engine from. (The understanding was if I bought a longblock instead of a drop in running engine I wouldn't have to swap the front cover or flywheel housing.)

Stuck engine in and started hooking it up.


Got ready to install the transmission and once the trans was up to the back of the engine I realized the flywheel housing was wrong and the small Allison 1000 wasn't going to bolt up. So had to lift the rear of the engine with the forklift and take the flywheel housing off so I could install the one from the old engine and that's where I'm at now. I'll put on the housing and a new rear main seal, get the engine bolted back down and trans installed. Hopefully hook everything up and plumb it and be running in the morning.


Hopefully I'll update with better news and have this thing closer here in a couple hours. Now I'll be getting back to it since my break is almost over and if anyone learns anything from this. Never take the parts guys word for it. It would've been a whole lot easier to swap this with the engine still on the stand and not in the truck.

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