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Condition: All items are used unless noted otherwise
Price: Listed next to item
Location of item: Near Orlando, FL


I am contemplating selling the motor as well... depends on the amount of interest I receive. If you are interested please let me know! 88mm stock compression Manley pistons, ported/polished head upgraded springs and retainers, Manley rods, balance shaft delete with baffle. I can post the whole motor build if there is interest was built my Mazworx here in Florida. I also have the build sheet with all information.

Levels Intercooler- 300+ shipping

Purple tial external wastegate with all springs-300
View attachment 216937 Bumper Auto part Vehicle Car

View attachment 216929

Stratified 4 port fuel system with cable and software- SOLD

Boomba Stage 1/2 catch cans: SOLD

Stratified Guardian angel- SOLD

Acessport- SOLD

1 step colder plugs new-27 shipped

Extra acessport cable new- SOLD

Dead pedal purchased from cali st- SOLD

Rally armor Mud flaps black with red writing- SOLD

If I come up with anything else I will add it in.

The apv3,mud flaps,dead pedal are more used than the other items. I will update with pictures as the parts are removed. All other items have no more than 7000 miles on them. View attachment 216145 View attachment 216937 View attachment 216225 View attachment 216161 View attachment 216129 View attachment 216865 View attachment 216137 View attachment 216929 View attachment 216217

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ALL PMS REPLIED TO. late day at work if i get off at a reasonable time tomorrow i will start to take off the simple items like the catch cans and accessport it will be unmarried and i will post a picture of it, I will most likely be removing the mud flaps as well. Things like the guardian angel, turbo, and the startified 4 port fuel system will take a little more time. These parts are going to go fast.
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