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So I got this little handpump with a psi pressure meter used for setting WG or what not.
Lately it seems my car has lost a little pep, I do hear the bpv venting but for some reason it seems it is not holding shut under pressure. Took my test tool and connected it to the hose going from the valve on top of engine to bpv, it does not hold pressure, I see a reading once I pressure up but it immediately drops to zero. So I figured I`d test directly on the bvp itself to eliminate possible hose leaking, same thing, valve does not hold pressure.

Is it supposed to hold pressure?

Diaphram is not torn, just put it back on after the Mountune bpv was leaking. The mountune bpv started leaking after I lubed up the piston. (after I took it back off the car I opened it - mountune bpv - up and cleaned off the lube, now it holds pressure.) If nothing else I will put i back on.

So the question is, could anyone still with OEM bpv do a liitle test and see if it holds pressure?

On bottom of this page you can see the tool I`m using for testing, simple but brilliant :)
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